Farmhouse Renovation Stair, Chilterns

Elegant curves of chunky green oak for a farmhouse renovation.

A new staircase as part of a farmhouse renovation project. Chunky treads of rustic green oak and forged, tapered uprights, with a helical turn up to first floor. Bottom treads angle towards the main door, thus presenting easier ascent and decent. Treads are hand finished and oiled to form a sculptural feature when viewed from the underside.

A solid oak oval handrail sits on top of the uprights, whilst blacksmith tapered, forged and burnished uprights end in a feature newel. Exposed treads breaking across a corner of the room take the clients love of green oak into the kitchen.

Green oak is not for the faint hearted due to its rapid ageing characteristics. As it drys out the grain becomes more pronounced and at the same time small fissures may open up. Movement of timber is something that Bisca take into account during our design process.

For more details on this staircase please quote 5351.

Project ID: 5351

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