Feature Stair, Surrey

A double height feature stair for a "Forever Home".

A feature stair in the shape of a double height helical provides the WOW factor in the entrance hall of a new build property.

Bull-nose edged Limestone treads and risers sit on a slim steel structure. A dark hardwood handrail finishes with caged volutes.

Bisca’s design process is a two-way partnership. For instance, during the design process the clients wanted to add decorative collars to the uprights. Every 4th upright has a decorative collar, whilst all uprights now have decorative foot base collars. We worked with the clients to determine appropriate spacing and balance of uprights.

As well as providing ambience, lighting framed the staircase in the entrance hall. Bisca’s design included individual LED lights on alternate treads. The LED’s both illuminate the stairs and cast interesting light and shade on an adjacent wall. Bisca will incorporate lighting into a staircase design. Alternatively, we are happy to work with your appointed lighting designer.

Bisca’s Project Process

Bisca’s project process sees each commission being built 3 times. Once in virtual 3D space, again in our workshop and finally during installation. The finished commission will be flawless and will withstand the closest inspection.

At the end of each project stage we always seek feedback. Only after approval from clients on the work we have carried out so far, do we move a project forwards. This ensures 100% satisfaction from beginning to end of your project.

For more info on this staircase, please mention reference 7184.

Project ID: 7184

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