Modern Cut String Staircase with Integrated Lighting, West Yorkshire

As part of a barn conversion project, our client commissioned a new cut string staircase with zig zag oak treads and beams to create a central point of focus internally and enhance the historic features of their beautiful building.

Our client commissioned Bisca to design, craft and install a modern cut-string staircase for a barn conversion project. The building was adjoining their existing farmhouse and would provide additional living accommodation. They contacted us directly having been impressed by the craftmanship displayed in our bespoke staircase gallery. Initially the homeowner issued our design team with architect drawings; these presented a relatively well-defined space for the new staircase with surrounding walls already in place.

The Brief: A Cut-String Staircase Combining Characterful with Modern

While the barn conversion was full of character, they were looking for a modern staircase design which remained in keeping with the barn’s distinctive features. The building therefore had a strong influence on the initial design concepts. It was decided a bridge/landing would be required to gain access to both sides of the building.

Given the property’s age, there were also varying floor levels upstairs to consider. These affected the flow of space due to the way the staircase connected with adjacent rooms. Additionally, the client specified there should be enough height and width for a cloakroom to be built under the upper section. It was also important a sense of openness and simplicity was achieved.

Staircase Design: A Modern Feature Staircase with Cut String Design

There was a clear potential for the staircase to create a central feature within the newly converted barn. Winders were ruled out early in discussions. The homeowner was however happy for Bisca’s designers to apply their creativity in terms of both style of tread and staircase balustrade. The client considered both open or closed risers and liked glass staircase balustrades or forged uprights. A number of challenges arose from a design engineering perspective. One of the greatest being to ease the transition upstairs between different floor levels, while maximising the ceiling height below.

The modern staircase design comprised a crisp zig zag profile to the oak staircase treads and risers. Each one supporting a glass staircase balustrade, formed with low iron glass and attached with no visible fixings. A matching oak handrail travels gracefully along the top of the glass balustrade. Its formation transforming into a curved newel post at the foot.

Craftmanship: Shadow Gaps and Staircase Lighting Create The Perfect Finishing Touch

To accommodate access to bedrooms on different levels, cranked steel was used to support the landing structure. A contrasting modern glass balustrade was clamped to the face of the timber beams. This mix of materials – combined with the chunky oak fascia on the landing and bespoke coach bolts used as fixings – provide a nod to the previous life of the building’s deep-rooted agricultural history.

Bisca worked closely with the client’s building contractor onsite to provide a detailed scope of work. This needed to be completed prior to staircase installation taking place. Tasks involved creating pocket walls to support the bridge’s structural beams; adjusting the bedroom doors to accommodate a step into the bathroom; and designing the underfloor heating to allow for the fixing of new wall structures beneath the stairs.

The Bisca Difference Is In The Detail…

The Bisca Difference is all about the finer detail of a staircase project. In this case, the exceptional skills of Bisca’s craftsmen cannot be under-estimated. Our team completed installation with absolute precision, where perfectly equal shadow gaps were created between the wall and the zig zag effect of each tread/riser interface. This finishing touch – along with the integrated staircase lighting within the walls and bridge overhead – enhanced the unique zig-zig profile and cut-string effect.

Here’s What Our Client Had To Say…

The final result is a stunning staircase which has achieved all of the long list of objectives we set out for Bisca. Please offer my thanks to the whole team, including those of whom I didn’t meet, but who I know will have played their part.

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