Staircase Tips | Understanding Landings

Understanding Landings: What you need to know when thinking about a new staircase.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines landings as the “level area at the top of a staircase or between one flight of stairs and another”

A landing has both form and function. Winders or landings functionally turn the direction of a staircase. A single quarter landing turns a staircase 90 degrees. Two individual quarter landings or a single half landing turns the staircase through 180 degrees. Half landings do not have to be oblong and those designed to hug curves in walls and circular stairwells are sometimes referred to as half moon landings.  Intermediate landings transition from single to multiple flights or vice-versa.

If space permits, then a galleried landing is a must. As the name suggests, a galleried landing is an excellent place to display objects and artefacts collected over the family’s lifetime. Galleried landings are a perfect place for small seating arrangements; an area to pause and reflect away from the hum-drum of family life.

Good design always comes down to proportion and elegance. Landings are are no exception and best executed when integrated into the staircase.  It is also important to remember that landings are subject to UK building regs – parts K & M refer.

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