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Helical or Spiral Staircase | Know The Difference

Helical and spiral staircases are often confused because at first glance they look to be quite similar. However, in reality, their structures are... Read More

Understanding Staircase Lighting

Staircase lighting is key to how home interiors look and feel. When designed and executed carefully, feature staircase lighting creates a welcoming ambience;... Read More

To extend or not?

Ric Blenkharn FRIBA FRSA, Director of multi-award winning architects, Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard, asks if you really need that extension. One of the first... Read More

New Stairs into Period Properties

Richard McLane, Design Director, offers advice to those thinking about replacing a staircase in a period property Will new stairs look out of... Read More

The influence of “fast fashion” on construction

Can fast fashion influence construction? It is inevitable that the effects of fast fashion and the throwaway society we now live in have... Read More

Can You Have Too Much Oak? | Staircases for Oak Framed Buildings

Can you have too much oak? Clients looking for staircase designs for oak framed buildings regularly tell us they are worried about having... Read More

Why Green Oak is Not for the Faint Hearted

Understanding Green Oak Being an organic material, it is natural to expect some movement in all timber over time, especially when situated in... Read More

Ornate Balustrades | Art Deco or Art Nouveau?

Ornate Balustrades | Art Deco or Art Nouveau? Art Deco and Art Nouveau are both design movements, but many people get confused between... Read More

Staircase Tips | Understanding Landings

Understanding Landings: What you need to know when thinking about a new staircase. The Oxford English Dictionary defines landings as the “level area... Read More

Choosing Staircases to fit your budget

Choosing Staircases - How to get best staircase for your budget Aristotle famously said that the whole is greater than the sum of... Read More

Concrete vs Steel | Choosing Staircases

Choosing between concrete and steel stair structures Richard McLane summarises the key elements of concrete vs steel stair structures. Cost When budgeting for... Read More

Metal Balustrades | Wrought Iron Misunderstood

Any Old Iron? The first thing Bisca try to find out from a client asking for a Wrought Iron balustrade, is what they... Read More